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Prizm Tech Software Detailed FAQ | Most IMPORTANT Post Yet!

This post on the Prizm Tech Software is going to contain alot of info and will grow over time as I get more questions from subscribers. The reason for this is that currently I am getting about 50-100 questions a day in mails and comments and I’m struggling to get through them all and also keep up with exposing all the new scams that are launching which you will find a full list of here. If after reading this and watching the videos please feel free to look at Best Binary Options Signals Providers 2016.

Best place to start is by watching this video which will take you through most of this post about the Prizm Tech Software and hopefully answer alot of your questions

Prizm Tech FAQ

Q – What is the Prizm Tech Support Email Address?
A – support@prizmtech.com

Q – What is the minimum deposit and trade size?
A – With most brokers the minimum deposit is $250 and the minimum trade size is $25

Q – What settings do you use?
A – I am conservative so I use Signal Strength 95%

Q – What Trade size do you use?
A – Some people jump in with high trades but I like to stay conservative and never use over 5% of my account in my personal trading and I like to stick with 2% – 3% of my balance with autotraders. I usually start with the minimum investment in a broker so at the start with $25 trades my risk is 10% of my account but that can’t be helped until my balance grows.

Q – Do I have to leave my laptop turned on?
A – No once you turn on the autotrade feature you are good to go and it will run in the cloud.

Q – Can I select what currency pairs are traded?
A – No the system will pick the best trades to take

Q – Is this open to US Clients?
A – Yes there are about 4 or 5 brokers that accept US clients

Q – Can I manually trade the signals?
A – Yes you can manually trade the signals once you have your broker account open to take the trades in.

Q – How long are the trades taken for?
A – The average most people are seeing is 10min trades but on some brokers they are end of day trades. End of day seem to be even slightly higher ITM % than the 10min trades from what subscribers tell me

Q – Why is Prizm Tech Free?
A – Its only free for 30 days and then after that they charge you 5% of your profits every month.

Q – What is the official Site?
A – Main site is www.prizmtech.com and the members login page after you sign up is www.prizmtechsoftware.com

Q – I am only getting 3 trades a day with Prizm Tech, what can I do?
A – This is a popular question.. For me 3 trades aren’t a problem really as long as they are profitable. I had 3 people contact me today who only got 3 trades every day the last 2 days but they were all winners which I would love as long term you will see great growth. Not every day will be like that obviously as no system or person is 100% accurate in the volatile world of trading.
If you are not happy with 3 trades you can always try and change broker as some brokers get more trades. If I hear of any other settings that give you more trades I will update this post.

How to sign up for the Prizm Tech Software

In the video below you will see me signing up live with a new account for Prizm Tech as I wanted to check out the results I would get on a second broker. Results from that account will be added to my overall Prizm Tech Results post here. In the video you will see I was assigned the broker IvoryOptions which I accepted and made my deposit.

Full Sign up Flow

Opt in on the Prizm Tech Homepage -> Fill in the rest of your details on the inside page and the system automatically finds a broker for you and registers and account -> You then deposit -> Verify Your documents and begin trading

How to Change Your Broker With Prizm Tech

Some people aren’t happy with the broker they got so the steps below will show you how to sign up with a different one..

I’ve seen a few people with sync issues so I recommend signing up using the steps below even if its your first time to avoid any unnecessary issues.

  1. Clear your cookies – CTRL + Shift + DEL and click clear all
  2. Click This Link
  3. Sign up for a new account with a different email address

Any problems with this let me know.

Conclusion on Prizm Tech Software

I hope I have covered all of your Prizm Tech questions in this post but if I haven’t just get in contact or leave a comment below and I will add them to the article. If you hear of anyone else having issues then you can also send them to this page and hopefully it will help them..

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