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As you’ve arrived on this page, you’re clearly looking to find out a bit about Helankos Me Review – how the site began, what it’s purpose is and who’s behind it.

Why did I create Helankos Me Review? I was at the gym one day and a friend there asked me about a new online fitness program that had recently come out. He knew I followed the online fitness world pretty closely and that I had tried out that particular program. He wanted to know what I thought about it and whether it was worth his time, energy and dollars.

This made me think about how many other people might be looking for these answers? How many other people might want to know which programs were worth their time, money and energy?

So why not create a website with all the resources and information they would need to make informed decisions and help them transform their lives?

I already had some experience of creating online businesses, blogs and websites, so I decided to create Helankos Me Review. I wanted to create a website that could give people the answers they needed, all in one place.

And here we are. It’s my goal, over time, to turn this website into one of the premier resources for everything fitness related. I hope it won’t be long before you agree that this is a site that inspires people to take control of their health and fitness, and where they can find a load of really good information for free, as well as some useful opinions about what it’s worth spending money on. – Jessica Lowis, Owner & Chief Editor

Say Hi To Helankos Me Review Family

While there may be a variety of guest contributors over time, you can read here about the people at Helankos Me Review who are a regular part of the team.

As Helankos Me Review family continues to grow I’ll add new members below. In the meantime feel free to say hi and welcome the members of the team below:

Jessica Lowis – Founder and Editor

Hi there. I’m Jessica, and I’m the founder and chief editor of the site you’re on, Helankos Me Review.

I’m not a personal trainer or some big time fitness professional. I haven’t created any well-known workout programs and I’m not a professional writer by any means. I’m just an average, down to earth, 30 year old woman who happens to really love fitness, blogging and helping people to reach their goals and transform their lives.

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